workshop 2009 ASIA 100
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iSpecial #003 Satoru Kobayashi
Satoru KobayashiKyoto University
Assistant Professor
CSEAS: Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Division of Socio-Cultural Dynamics

Area Studies (Cambodia, Southeast Asia), Comparative Studies of "Community and Nation State" / "Religion and Society"

小林知.2009.「ポル・ポト時代以後のカンボジア仏教における僧と俗」『<境域>の実践宗教 大陸部東南アジア地域と宗教のトポロジー』林行夫編.京都大学出版会:29-65頁所収
Kobayashi Satoru. 2008. Reconstructing Temple Buildings in Post-socialist Cambodia: An Analysis of Village Buddhism after the Era of Turmoil. In People of Virtue: Reconfiguring Religion, Power and Moral Order in Cambodia Today. , edited by Alexandra Kent and David Chandler. Copenhagen: the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies: 169-194.

Asia for me:
Asia is a part of my daily life.

Message for Learners:
Be courage to foresee your future lives in Asia! Besides, I recommend you to learn one of Asian languages as well as English. I decided to learn Chinese after witnessed Tienanmen Square incident in TV during high school, and started to have Cambodia in my sight as the Japanese media had broadcasted on UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority of Cambodia) activities in the country in 1993. Thinking back as described above, I aware I had grown up as watching the dynamic political transformations of Asian countries in the beginning of 1990s, and it is the atmosphere of the decade that leads me to the study of Asia. Then, I would like to ask you what is taking up your own notice for contemporary Asia in the beginning of the 21st century now?



"Not as a hero, But as an ordinary man"