workshop 2009 ASIA 100
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#012 Atsushi Kusano
Atsushi KusanoKeio University
Faculty of Policy Management
Graduate School of Media and Governance

International Relations

Japan, USA

Message for Learners:
I am very happy to have an opportunity to give a lecture on the relationship between Japan’s ODA and Asia. Asia is special for Japan’s ODA. It started as reparation for the Pacific War losses in this area. Today I am going to explain briefly what Japan’s ODA has done so far and what impact has brought about to Asia as well as to Japan as a donor.
Before starting the class, let me introduce one particular proverb. That is Seeing is believing. It could be a sort of cliché, however, every time I visit foreign countries, I recognize this old saying is very persuasive. For instance, I visited Dacca in Bangladesh five years ago. That was my third visit there since 1989. I was really surprised to find out a florist in downtown. I had never seen a florist in the previous visits. I understood some people in Dacca could afford to arrange flowers. That episode proves the middle income class had been formed even in Bangladesh, which had been facing serious poverty. Since then, Bangladesh has been steadily developing. This kind of finding can not be gotten from bookish styled study. I strongly suggest that you go outside to find something new.

『日本はなぜ地球の裏側まで援助するのか (Why does Japan aid the reverse side of the globe?)』朝日新書、2007年。
『解体—国際協力銀行の政治学 (Dissolution: The Politics of JBIC)』東洋経済新報社、2006年。
『テレビは政治を動かすか (Does TV move Politics?)』NTT出版、2006年。

What is the most impressive film related to Asia for me? I don’t want to reluctant to say “Yamino kodomotachi” Very shocking scene has been developed before my eyes. The original written by Yan Sogile, however, is more elaborate and suggestive. I was very sad to see in this film that some people of major donor abuse children in Thai. These sad stories happen all over the developing countries even in this time according to UNICEF. What can ODA do to improve the situation? That is difficult assignment for me.