workshop 2009 ASIA 100
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i#003 Ken Jinbo
Ken JinboKeio University
Associate Professor
Faculty of Policy Management
Research Fellow at the Tokyo Foundation

Japan-US Security Relations, Japanese Foreign and Defence Policy, Multilateral Security in Asia-Pacific, and Regionalism in East Asia.
"From 'Double Track' to 'Convergence': Japanese Defense Policy and an Emerging Security Architecture in Asia-Pacific Region" Yuki Tatsumi and Andrew L. Oros Eds., Japan's New Defence Establishment: Institutions, Capabilities and Implications, The Henry Stimson Center, 2007.

Asia for me
My encounter with Asia began with roaming around Southeast Asia as a backpacker during my days in college. I was fascinated by the energy of people who believe that tomorrow should be a better day, while in a very relaxed manner. In Cambodia, I met people who survived from Pol Pot regime, although their families were killed as being 'intellectuals'. Their motivation for giving proper education to younger generation is desperately high. I wish my current and future works on 'Asian Security' could contribute to people in Asia who believe knowledge will bring about better future.
Message for Learners
A lot of people in contemporary Asia seem to have brighter prospects for the future. The elites strutting with confidence is so reliable as they receive a scent of the change of the leader in the context of world history. On the other hand, it is also important that considering the unchanging Asia in the midst of the dynamic development and focusing on the phenomenon which is marginalized behind the development. I hope that you will have the attitude to receive such dynamism, close the gap between you and Asia and nurture it by yourself.
Nayan Chanda, Brother Enemy: The War After the War, Harcourt, 1986.
Don Oberdorfer, The Two Koreas: A Contemporary History, Basic Books, 2002
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

"Security Architecture in Asia-Pacific"