workshop 2009 ASIA 100
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i#002 Takuya Kobayashi
Takuya KobayashiSeoul National University
Master's Program
Domain: Korean History

Asia for me
If one asks me "Where is Asia?", I can answer it. But if one asks me "What is Asia?", I can hardly answer it. I think it has connection with the historical context that the term "Asia" was made up outside Asia and the fact that we can hardly find out anything common and characteristic among Asian nations or peoples. Therefore I have without a consciousness of living in 'Asia'. Asia may be the universe itself where I have been living my life.

Nobukuni Koyasu (子安宣邦)
Takashi Uchiyama (内山節)

"My Evergreen Contract with Modern Korean History"
A casual meeting becomes a serendipity sometimes for someone. Takuya Kobayashi is immersed in studying Korean History at Seoul National University, South Korea. His attitude toward "the object of research" is so sincere, which can be said it is life itself just like an "Evergreen Contract with Korea".

Directed by Yuto Takahashi
Keio University Graduate School of Media Design