workshop 2009 ASIA 100
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Schedule #001-002


Oct 2nd, 2009 14:45-16:15 JST
#001 "Orientation"
Four "architects" of this joint course will introduce the students to its overall goal, and the system of computer and human networks which supports it.

Oct 9th, 2009 14:45-16:15 JST
#002 "Asia as a History: Viewed from North and Southeast Asia"
"Asia" is not a natural whole, but is a complex of interactions of people culturally, politically, economically motivated. This section is meant to be a modest introduction to East Asia.
Workshop 2009 Asia 100 aims to make Asia into "one classroom" in collaboration with Keio University and Kyoto University. We now face various problems spreading beyond borders. To overcome these problems, firstly we must clarify and share the essence of the issues in Asia. Going through 13 "Asian Issues" we set, we will be aware that there would be "Asia-wide Learning Community" where students all over Asian countries gather by digital communication, discuss the matters and share the opinions.