workshop 2009 ASIA 100
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Michio UmegakiProf. Michio UMEGAKI
Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management
Domain: Interbational Relations, Comparative Modernization

Asia for me
"Asia is a gigantic theater where immensely diverse policy issues engage, in a complex manner, billions of people and where one is both an actor and an audience at the same time".

Message for Learners
"Asia is everywhere in our life and so is Japan in the rest of Asia. Let us capture this intimacy."
Shining Darkness by Takeshi Kaiko (開高健『輝ける闇』)
Fire in the Lake by Frances FitzGerald


Prof.Kosuke MIZUNO
Director, and Professor Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Domain: Area Studies on Indonesia

Asia for me
"Since I met Asian countries, I have found something new, have been attracted with societies, and have learned so many things. I will continue to cooperate with people to look for solutions that people face with."

Message for Learners
"We can find so many things that are interesting, attarctive and meaningful in Asian societies. Hopefully you will find them by yourself and make your own Asian networks."
Naga Bonar Dua Tanda Mata (Indonesian movie)


Yuichi NakamuraProf.Yuichi NAKAMURA
Kyoto University
Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies

Domain: Image and Video Processing, Media Engineering

Asia for me: "There are great demands for distance education in Asia, and we Japanese people have more opportunities for contacting and knowing each other among Asian countries. Not only academic matter but cultural exchange gives us much fun and promising future".
Message for Learners: "This course gives us much more than ordinary course, English conversation is a little a bit tough, though".

The Last Emperor

Keiko OKAWAProf. Keiko OKAWA
Keio University Graduate School of Media Design
Director, SOI Asia project
Domain:Digital communication and higher educational environment in Asia

Asia for me
"I'm sure we can lead the future world if we create "a place" where we can collaborate with and understand each other more as friends who can act on the same time zone in this region."