workshop 2009 ASIA 100
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For Keio Univeristy and Kyoto University students
All Graduate and undergraduate students in any faculties are welcomed to participate in this course. Please follow your facultie's registration procedure. Also auditors are welcomed.You can come to the class whenever you have a class you want to join.
If you have a trouble in registering, please contact us via E-mail.

Keio Univeristy
HIyoshi Campus
Mita Campus

Kyoto Univeristy

For SOI Asia partner university students
Please register through SOI Asia page. SOI Asia project will issue the certificate to the students who complete this course.

For all people study on this website
All the lecture video and materials will be archived and publically available for all who are interested in this subject.
Workshop 2009 Asia 100 aims to make Asia into "one classroom" in collaboration with Keio University and Kyoto University. We now face various problems spreading beyond borders. To overcome these problems, firstly we must clarify and share the essence of the issues in Asia. Going through 13 "Asian Issues" we set, we will be aware that there would be "Asia-wide Learning Community" where students all over Asian countries gather by digital communication, discuss the matters and share the opinions.